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History of 295th JASCO in World War II. Pacific Assault Operations.

295th JASCO

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   This history is based on official War Department documents and personal accounts.  We are anxious to contact anyone who served in the 295 JASCO, or individuals in units to which we were attached.  We are in need of the following information:

    -Which teams went on which operations. Names, etc.
    -Elements to which we were attached, dates, etc.
    -Ship names and numbers.
    -Any official documents concerning our organization (copies).
    -KIA and WIA information.
    -Awards and Citations.
    -Navy, Air Corps and Artillery personnel, etc.
    -Anything you want to share with us.

Please contact us with information at:

Alfred Samper Ph.D.
1316 N. Cross Street
Wheaton, IL 60187

For Reunion information please contact:

Clifford & Mildred Long  
815 Tangerine Woods Blvd.
Englewood FL 34223-6027

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A Brief History of 295th Jasco


The 295th Signal Company (Special) was activated 3 April 1943 at Camp Bradford, Virginia in accordance with T/O & 2 11 517S, dated 9 September 1942.(l) The Commanding Officer at the time of activation was Capt. P. B. Whittemore Cadre of approximately 20 EM.

The mission of this organization was to furnish beach communications during the assault phase of an infantry division’s amphibious landing operation.

As the result of lessons learned in amphibious landings in North Africa and Sicily, the Joint chiefs of staff decided to reorganize companies of the above type in order that certain specialist personnel, particularly for the control of the supporting naval fire for these operations, be included.

At Camp Bradford, Va., the company participated in amphibious training and training in specialist communication subjects. Four officers and seventy-four enlisted men were placed on DS to Alliance,.Nebraska, in June 1943, to operate communications for umpires in airborne troop maneuvers.

1st Lt. I. R. Obenchain assumed command of the organization 15 June 1943. Unit departed Camp Bradford, Va., 3 August 1943 and arrived U.S. Naval Amphibious Training Base, Fort Pierce, Fla., 4 August 1943.

Company underwent amphibious training with Engineer Combat Group at Fort Pierce, Fla., and took specialist and unit training.

Communication teams of unit participated in amphibious landings in the Solomon Islands, Chesapeake Bay, Md., in September and October 1943.

Unit departed Fort Pierce, Fla., 8 October 1943 and arrived camp Pickett, Va., 10 October 1943.

The 295th Signal Company (Special) was reorganized as a Joint Assault Signal Company, hereafter referred to as JASCO, on 11 November 1943,. under T/O and T/E, 11 147 Signal, dated 21 October 1943, with all changes. The organization consisted, briefly, of the following:

a. Headquarters platoon with a commanding officer, executive officer, supply officer, sixty nine (69) Army enlisted men and five (5) Navy enlisted men.

b. Shore Fire Control Section with nine (9) Field Artillery officers in grade of captain; nine (9) Naval officers in grade of lieutenant (sg); forty five (45) Army enlisted men.

c. The Air Liaison Section with thirteen (13) Army Air officers in grade of captain; thirty nine (39) Army Air Force enlisted men.

d. Shore Party Communication, Section with ten (10) Signal Corps officers in grade of first lieutenant; one hundred ninety (190) enlisted men.

e. Strength of 34 O's, 1 WO, 343 EM, 9 Naval O's, and 115 Naval EM.

10 .naval officers and 115 Naval EM attached to unit per ltr orders FE 25.7, P16-3/00/MM Serial 2401 ATB Camp Bradford, Va., dated 18 November 1943.

Unit staged for overseas movement and company time devoted mainly to completion of all firing and training.

Departed Camp Pickett, Va., 5 December 1943 For Port of Embarkation; arrived Camp Stoneman, California, 11 December 1943; and sailed from San Francisco Port of Embarkation 27 December 1943.

Arrived Pearl Harbor, T.H., 6 January: 1944 and stationed at Schofield Barracks, T.H., 7 January 1944.

Elements of organization departed Schofield Barracks 23 January 1944 for Marshall Islands invasion. Unit participated in landings at Kwajalein, Eniwetok, and Majuro in the Marshalls. (2) The return of the unit's detachments was completed 8 March 1943.

Remainder of company participated in simulated amphibious landings and specialized training.

115 Navy EM relieved from attachment and transferred to Fifth Amphibious Force, c/o Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, per VO Fifth Amphibious Force (21 April 1944).

Between the 7th and 28th of April 1944, elements of the organization engaged in amphibious maneuvers with two regiments of the 27th Infantry Division.

On 18 May the tactical elements of the company accompanied the division on a final dress rehearsal, returning to Oahu 25th May.

This tactical echelon of the 295th JASCO had a strength of 42 Officers and 335 EM (including 82 EM attached from the 27th Infantry Division). Combat elements sailed from Pearl Harbor, between 28 ,May and 1 June 1944.(3) The company headquarters composed the rear echelon of 2 officers, 1 .WO and 43 EM. Awards, decorations, and casualty lists attached. (4&5)

Rear echelon moved from Schofield Barracks to Fort Kamehameka, T.H., 18 May 1944 and was attached to Rear Echelon, 27th Infantry Division.

Roar Echelon embarked and sailed from Honolulu, T.H., 28 July 1944, and arrived in Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides 8 August 1944 and erected camp site in preparation for the return of combat elements from Saipan, Mariannas Islands. Combat elements of JASCO sailed from Saipan on 22 August 1944 and arrived Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, 6 September 1944.

Attached EM from the 27th Infantry Division reverted back to their organization 6 August 1944.

Unit relieved assignment Central Pacific Base Command and assigned to South Pacific Base Command 8 August 1944.

Informal ceremony held 14 September 1944 for the Commanding General, Pacific Ocean Areas. Troops commended for Saipan operation. Entire JASCO participated.

Company followed no set training schedule as time was to be spent in rest, recuperation, and repairing of equipment.

Company alerted for movement to staging area in preparation for Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P.I., operation.

On 14 October 1944, 88 EM were attached to unit from 27th Infantry Division. 33 additional EM were assigned as replacements on the same date.

Company sailed from Espiritu Santo 15 October 1944 and arrived at Bougainville, Soloman Islands where unit was relieved from 27th Infantry Division and attached to XIV Corps 19 October 1944.

Company time mainly spent in construction of camp area; firing on range from 8 through 10 November 1944; inspection and repair of organizational property, clothing, and equipment. Off-duty hours were devoted to organized athletics.

Company alerted for movement 30 November 1944. Combat elements were attached to the 37th Infantry Division for the Luzonoperation. One officer and 6 EM comprised rear echelon at Bougainville.

Combat elements loaded between 10th and 15th December and sailed from Bougainville 16 December 1944. Arrived Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Unit Philippine Islands 9 January 1945 and assault forces landed at 0930.(6)

One EM attached from 27th Division suffered a gunshot wound in the arm. No other casualties.

Company time spent in setting up bivouac area, perimeter defense in Binmaley, and military police duties in Port Saul, San Fabian, and Binmaley.

Organization relieved from attachment to XIV Corps and attached to ASCOM, Sixth Army 22 January 1945.

Major Irving R. Obenchain, 024658, relieved from assignment and transferred to GHQ, Southwest Pacific Area. Captain Vincent W. Fox, 01643552, assumed command of organization on 6 February 1945.

Unit sailed from Lingayen Gulf, P.I., 8 February 1945 and arrived Mindoro, P.I., 10 February 1945.

Unit relieved from assignment Sixth Army and attachment to ASCOM and assigned to Eight Army and Attached to X Corps 10 February 1945. Unit attached to 24th Infantry Division 11 February 1945. Relieved from attachment to X Corps and further attachment 24th Infantry Division and attached to 41st Infantry Division 22 February 1945.

Rear Echelon from Bougainville, S.I., joined organization at Mindoro on 25 February 1945.

Two Army, officers, 3 Navy officers, and 24 EM attached to 186th RCT, 41st Inf Div on 26 February 1945 in preparation for Palawan, P.I., V 3 operation.(7) These men returned to Mindoro for duty with organization on 4 March 1945.

Eighteen (18) officers and 101 EM were dropped from the assigned strength of the organization and accounted for on separate morning, report of Detachment #;1, 295th Joint Assault Signal Company (JASCO) 6 March 1945 for the V-4, Zamboanga operation. D-Day was on 10 Marc1945.(8) Awards and decorations.

(9) Relieved from attachment with 41st Inf Div and attached to 24th Infantry, Division 7March 1945.

Detachment #1, 295th JASCO, accounted for on morning report of 295th Joint Assault Signal Company 30March 1945.

Attached EM from 27th Inf Div relieved attachment and transferred back to original units 15 March 1945.

Unit relieved attachment to ASCOM and attached to Eight Army for further attachment toX Corps 10 February 1945.

Unit alerted for V 5 (Mindanao) operation in early April 1945. Four officers, one warrant officer, and 102 EM composed the rear echelon of this organization at Mindoro, P.I., for the V-5 operation. Remainder of unit composed of approximately 30 officers and 223 EM, sailed from Mindoro, P.I., 14 April 1945; arrived Polloc Harbor,Parang, Mindanao, P.I., on 17 April 1945.(9)

Unit reorganized and equipped, effective 26 April 1945, under T/O and E11-147S(30 December 1944) pursuant to authority USAFFE letter, FEGC 322, dated 1 April 1945, Subject: Reorganization of the 295th Joint Assault Signal Company Under Latest T/O and E, and General Order No 86 Hq Sixth Army, 26 April 1945.(10)

Wire teams operated and maintained communications in X Corps CP area.

Unit cited for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy on Mindanao, Philippine Islands, from 17 April 1945 to 1 July 1945 per General Order No 82, Hq X Corps, 11 July 1945.(11)

Lt. (jg) Warren B. Woods, 270441, USNR, WIA Davao, Mindanao, P.I., 3 May 1945. 1st Lt. James M. Amick, 0574735, WIA Davao, Mindanao, P.I., 4 June 1945.

Two officer and 17 EM from rear echelon at Mindoro, P.I., joined the organization 4 June 1945 at Parang;, Mindanao.

Company headquarters sailed from Polloc Harbor, Mindanao, 5 June 1945 Arrived Bugo (Del Monte) Mindanao 7 June 1945 where combat elements returned to company headquarters between Both and 25th June 1945. Awards and decorations(4)

Twenty one officers and 170 EM departed for TDB Amphibious Training Group, Cubic Bay, Luzon, P.I., 1 July 1945.

Unit sailed from Bugo, Mindanao, 4 July 1945 and arrived Zamboanga, Mindanao, 5 July 1945. Remainder of rear echelon joined organization at Zamboanga 5 July 1945.

Unit relieved from attachment Eighth Army and further attachment to X Corps and reverted to duty under assignment to Sixth Army.

Time spent vainly in erection of camp area.

First contingent of 20 EM eligible for release under Readjustment Regulations departed for Disposition Center on 16 July 1945.

Officers and EM on TDB Amphibious Training Group, Cubic Bay, Luzon, P.I., returned to duty 24 July 1945.

Major Vincent W. Fox, 01643552, (Commanding Officer), duty and command to TDB United States 45 days on 1 August 1945. Captain Thomas W. Hart, 01643648, assumed command of company same date.

Twelve Air Liaison officers and 38 EM dropped from the assigned strength of organization morning report and accounted for on morning report of Air Liaison Section, 295th JASCO, initiated 8 August 1945.

Second contingent of 13 EM eligible for separation from the service departed for Disposition Center 16 August 1945.

Unit relieved from control of Sixth Army and passed to control of Army Forces Western Pacific effective 20 August 1945, and further assigned to HQ Southern Islands Area Command, APO 952, and attached to 368th RCT,. APO 717, effective 20 August 1945.

Seven remaining; Naval officers relieved assignment and assigned to COMSERVPAC, U.S. Pacific Fleet, 24 September 1945.

Captain Thomas W. Hart relieved of duty and command attached unassigned to 28th Replacement Depot, APO 318, 26 September 1945, for separation from the service under readjustment regulations.

Twenty officers relieved assignment and attached unassigned to 28th Replacement Depot, APO 318, 26 September 1945, for separation from the service under readjustment regulations.

Captain Leroy S. Simon, 0416179, FA, assumed command of the company.

Eight EM over 90 points relieved assignment and attached unassigned to Disposition Center, APO 318, effective 10 October 1945.

Six EM, 38 years of age or over, relieved assignment and attached unassigned to Disposition Center, APO 318, effective 10 October 1945.

Eight EM under 60 points relieved assignment and assigned 8th(EI) Rad Team, Det 8, 4025th Signal Service Group, effective 17 October 1945.

Eleven EM under 60 points relieved assignment and assigned 8th(DB) Msg Cen, Det 8, 4025th Signal Service Group, effective 17 October 1945.

Thirty Five EM 60 to 69 points relieved assignment and assigned 8th (DB) MC, Det 8, 4025th Signal Service Group, effective 20 October 1945.

One hundred and eighty five EM relieved assignment and assigned Hq 31st Infantry Division, APO 31, effective 17 October 1945.

Pursuant to authority contained in General Order 217, GHQ AFWESPAC, APO 707, dtd 10 October 1945, unit inactivated. No personnel assigned, attached unassigned or atchd from other organizations. Effective 10 October 1945.

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